Retail Buyers

Retail Buyers

Thank you for your interest in our jewelry. In the past, we have sold only to stores featured on the Store Locations list and we encourage you to seek them out. However with our new online accessibility, we now welcome retail customers. We have a selection of artisan jewelry that we do not sell to stores, but directly to you. Enjoy.


If your order is shipped to Florida, state sales tax will apply. For out of state orders, there is no applicable tax. Shipping is extra, sent through the USPS.

Hostess a Jewelry Party
“Gather Ye Girlfriends While Ye May.”

Pass the word and introduce Seashell Gems to your friends. Place a retail order collectively. Meet a $500 goal to receive a 10% credit towards retail jewelry as a thank you from us.

Gift Certificates are available.
Gift wrapping is also available upon request.