Marrakesh Necklace Ubiquitous worn doubled short on model.
Marrakesh: Vibrant reds, purples, pinks, and oranges reflect a rich tapestry of colors.Cheyenne with Pearls: Rich reds blended with turquoise and moonstone.Ivory: Ancient dig beads are strung with ivory and sandy toned stones.Arizona: Adobe colors of salmon, pink, and brown reflect a feeling from the Southwest.Tahoe: Natural turquoise forever in style.Montana: Perfect with denim, the essence of Big Sky. Royal blue tones and labradorite stones.Ivory Necklace Ubiquitous on pearlized silver leather coupled with 7 Jingle. Perfect for a seashore wedding.Tahoe with Pearls: Coupled with 7 Jingle Bells & Whistles.Tahoe Necklace Ubiquitous worn long and also wrapped as a bracelet.

Necklace Ubiquitous


Hand-strung vintage beads, semi-precious stones, pearls
and findings, are fashioned into a necklace that can be
worn long, doubled-short, coupled with our 7 Jingle necklace,
and wrapped as a fabulous bracelet. Vintage button for clasp.
Each necklace is unique unto itself. Assorted colors from our
collections are shown below. Pearls may be incorporated into
your design. When you order Necklace Ubiquitous, please
specify your wrist size in inches at the end of your order in the
“special notes” section.
Irene is also wearing our hoop feather earrings.


Retail Only.



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